The Company

The Maripá Stud Farm was founded in 1979 to genetically produce horses with a comfortable stride for pleasure riding, a balanced gallop and that can be used as stock horses as well. They are sporting horses with good touches, good aplomb, good contours, exquisite beauty, and a calm and sweet temperament.

Our initial base was the Abaíba breeding farm, where we crossed Furacão Bela Cruz (Alfazema Bela Cruz x Arubé Bela Cruz, both of which are offspring of Tabatinga Predileto) with Herdade Jupiá (Herdade Ouro Preto x Herdade Alteza).Today, we perform inbred crossings at our own stud farm, crossing half-siblings and seeking to include some other cross we find on the market to alleviate the degree of consanguinity. We are currently experimenting Vinhático JN 53.AB DO MARIPÁ.

In 2002, we acquired some Abaíba mares which had been taken care of by Érico, including Abaíba Nissei, Abaíba Namorada, and Abaíba Miragem. We have been attaching great importance to these crosses, as these mares get closest to Abaíba, as well as to Érico’s work at our breeding stock. We are now performing crosses with Laio de Maripá and Quati AJ and their offspring has been registered under the suffix “AB do Maripá”.