Originated from French lineages, our Saanen nanny goats constitute the foundation of Agro Maripá’s goat pen. The herd, which yields 4.0 kg of milk on average per animal, is composed of bucks and does such as Sininho and Belita de Maripá, the grand champions at the International Caprine and Ovine Fair (FEINCO).

The genealogic registration of Agro Maripá’s goat herd is conducted by CAPRIPAULO, the São Paulo State Association of Caprine Breeders (Associação Paulista de Criadores de Caprinos), and its milk output is measured by the Brazilian Association of Holstein Cattle Breeders (Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Gado Holandês – ABCGH).

Our bucks and does now receive special forms of handling for each phase of their lives – pregnancy, birthing, nursery, leisure areas, programmed grazing, recreation, balanced feed, and exclusive accommodations for the breeding animals. This results in a herd in which each animal is strictly controlled for its health, production and well-being.